Office A workspace appraisal is the first stop on the way to creating a new and vibrant space in which to do business, how much work and storage space do you need? How many staff do you have and what type of space do they need to do their jobs effectively? What are your plans for future growth and is your space flexible enough to accommodate it? Once we have answered these questions we can provide u with a written report and a layout plan that makes the best use of the space available to u given your needs and aspirations.
Dominated by blue group m’s corporate office at banana ,Dhaka reflects its brand philosophy with a punch. The spacious 4800 sft office space was designed in a short span 25days,spread over two floors, one level is dedicated to mindshare part of group m with reception with a luxurious lounge, GMs room, one conference room, dining, one meeting room etc. while the other space has MEC ,MAXUS and a large meeting room with a small gym. The reception area utilizes space appropriately its off-white glazed tiles has blue sofas and white reception table with glass top. The logo in the centre surrounded by the graphics on the walls lends a vibrant look at this space. the work zone sees neat segregation of space ,colorful fabrics used from their logo of mindshare brighten the interior .the lighting is energy efficient.
This office in Dhanmondi,Dhaka is the branch office for one of the highly successful stock brokerage firms. The 1165 sft office resonates a language of timeless luxury in the form of its material palette which comprises onyx, sculptural wooden ceiling and leather. As ALCOVE believe in making spaces that bear the imprints of their clients personalities. The furniture made of ahornnature melamine board and burmateak pertex not only has an aesthetic appeal but also makes optimum utilization of the available space. Inspiration has been drawn from the varying fluctuating graph to create the ceiling which adds a lot of dimension to the whole office space. the. The inviting reception is only the beginning to what follows on left counter with granite top for opening account and cash deposits with a full height cabinet on back wall for storing all account related papers. Next is the cabin for branch manager with rustic tiled claded back wall and ss steel framed surrounding glass wall create a contemporary looks. On right a small meeting room has created for internal meeting ,followed by that room there is a trading room for female clients and a kitchenette. Trading zone with a lot of open space and casual sitting arrangement provided with luxury leather sofa and side tables make the most of space utilization. Lighting is pleasing and functional and gives the space its own distinct gradient.
Located in motijheel,Dhaka, this office sprawls across 800 sft shows off a muted color scheme, the rich interior of this office combines the corporate color blue along with walnut and mahogany. The challenge was to develop a technologically advanced space that is well lit, open and comfortable ,the design of reception table and all other furniture was inspired by simple lines. trading space, private and open workspaces,kitchenette,the mezzanine and other support facilities are backed by robust infrastructure. Lighting is pleasing and functional and gives the space its own distinct gradient. The large height of the office accommodates a huge storage and server room with few trading zone.
This is a small office of 1500 sft located panthopath,Dhaka dealing with sales section, client was very particular that the office should be simple, minimalistic with a no-fuss decor. the office comprises of a small reception with visitors waiting area. Opening into 4 chambers ,general work area , a directors room and a conference room. Chambers have sliding doors which are completely sound proof. The predominant color of the office is light beige while walnut there for emphasis combined with the use of glass partitions both half height and full height and steel, creates feeling of space. In the general work area furniture as table and over head storage cabinet have the same color combination beige and walnut. The entire office with full curtain glass around, creates a feeling of openness with ample daylight.
Straight lines ,monotonous colors and dull ambience are some very common terms associated with corporate interiors for a long time now. Contrary to the belief companies have now started to realize the importance of providing their employees with a work stimulating atmosphere that will drive them to work more, keeping this in mind this 2300 sft office at tejgaon,Dhaka was designed. The grand reception follows a color palette of brown and beige. And the same feel is taken through to the corporate area which includes the mds cabin. Lounge and board room. As a contrast the work area which is open and transparent gets splashed with color on the workstation, pillars and lighting. Corporate colors of ccl is used very creatively. Angular workstation in middle of passage creates a wideness. Lighting has received special attention according necessity where defused light needed it was provided, spot lights were fixed as required.