Wouldn’t doctor’s visits be a pleasure if those medical buildings had interiors that looked anything remotely like this? Set in a unusual style, these medical facility space resemble more of a luxury showroom than anything else. Floor to ceiling artwork and unique lighting techniques add to the overall unconventional look of this dental chamber.
Complete the perfect room design by choosing the right curtains. ALCOVE’s design experts help you choose, or sew, the perfect choice: from sheer to cafe curtains. Whether looking for ambiance, privacy or drama in your curtain designs, choose a design which is in keeping with your room style. So if you have a Victorian house, then you’ll be safe if you base your window designs on Victorian ideas. Thick heavy poles were often used, or curtains with fabric draped along the top, such as drapes and side tails. If your room is contemporary (such as minimalist) then a plain track can be used, or a metal pole (brushed steel or aluminum is common) with matching finials (ends).
At trade fairs, companies use their stands to compete for attention of the visitors – their aim is to present a perfect combination of corporate identity and corporate design. Designers of this temporary type of design face the challenge of creating a miniature version of the company under very special conditions: limited space and very often limited resources. By providing endless creative solutions of stall ,pavilion design for pride ltd,reflections and brac bank limited ALCOVE leaves a lasting impression among visitors since last 5 years.
A dropped ceiling is often a secondary ceiling, hung below the main (structural) ceiling, although can be the only ceiling. They may also be referred to as a drop ceiling, false ceiling, or suspended ceiling, and are a staple of modern construction and architecture. The suspended ceiling was originally developed to conceal the underside of the floor above and to offer acoustic balance and control in a room. The acoustic performance of suspended ceilings has improved dramatically over the years. Times have changed and so have ceilings. No one wants to see exposed cables and wires, and ducts and cracks in the ceiling. Nowadays false ceiling has become a important part of interior design. Wires are being hidden, fancy lighting fixtures are being used, and central air-conditioning is being provided, all though the false ceiling.
The floor often projects itself from the walls and does not completely close the view of the ceiling from the floor immediately below. In short, a mezzanine floor and the floor below it share the same ceiling. Mezzanine floors are often located between the ground floor and the first floor but it is not unusual to have mezzanine floors in the upper floors of a building. Mezzanines are frequently used in industrial operations such as warehousing, distribution or manufacturing. These facilities have high ceilings, allowing unused space to be utilized within the vertical cube. We had used mezzanine in a office to accommodate few more employees and in a residence to use the lofty space .
As the largest piece of furniture you are likely to buy for your living, we are taking a look at sofas, and how they fit into modern spaces. You don’t have to compromise on comfort to get a stylish seat, This collection from our designed sofa is a menagerie of contemporary shapes and colors to inspire your next decorating scheme, we offer leather sofas or fabric sofas,chairs,suites and corner sofas as well as handy beanbags and foot stools to really allow your taste and necessity.
It is important to remember when designing a cake store what the specific retail functions are. In order to sell cakes certain components should be available. For example, many cake stores provide a photo album of cakes that they offer so that patrons can browse for what they prefer. Display cases are also helpful, especially in stores where customers can enter the store and purchase cakes immediately. Some cake shops choose to set up several small round tables throughout the room and display only a few of their best cakes in glass-covered cake stands. Tables that display cakes should have simple tablecloths in solid colors that do not distract the viewer from the cake. Some cake shop allows customers to enjoy their cake, pastry or other food items at store thus coopers was designed to serve customers there.
We are a professional team of highly skilled individuals whose sole aim is to provide innovative solutions to your related needs, no matter how complex or out of the ordinary they might be, so if you are looking for a carpenter in Dhaka, take a look at the services we offer. We specialize in all types of carpentry and joinery services, from the simple stuff like putting up shelves, fitting new doors, and putting together flat-pack furniture, to building bespoke fitted kitchens, fitted wardrobes, and storage solutions for your home, office, or retail premises, plus anything else you might require. Every task we undertake will be completed on time and exactly to your specifications, and from start to finish, you will be treated with politeness and professionalism at all times. And if you require references, we have had plenty of positive customer feedback to back this up.
We provide services for all kind of the glass work to our esteemed clients. We provide customized solutions through our services and help our clients to fulfill their need. We offer a comprehensive range of Aluminum/ Door/ Window/ Partition, which is primarily used in offices to divide the cabins of employees. We procure superior quality aluminum to design and manufacture our range of products. We ensure to keep our products matched as per international quality standards. We supply an ample range of designer shower cubicle in different sizes and shapes. These products are customized as per the requirement of the clients. These shower cubicles have amazing etchings in plain and colored options at attractive prices.
No matter where you are in the world or what surfaces you’re coating, Alcove provides innovative solutions that ensure your success.
Soft furnishing is the art and science of beautifying a space to enhance both the aesthetic and functional uses of that space. Interior decoration would not be complete without soft furnishing as the space would be hard and noisy (bet you didn’t know that fabrics absorb noise and make it easy for us to live in our homes) It adds color, texture, softness and elegance (read style) to our individual spaces, helping to cover the design and building flaws as well as enhancing the unique features of the structure as well. Put differently, soft furnishing refers to every decoration in our homes that has some sort of fabric in it. Yes, you guessed it, fabric is a huge part of soft furnishing and fabric in this sense goes beyond the traditional ones used to make curtains, cushions, valances, tie-backs, sofas etc to include and embrace rugs, paintings, mattresses, canvass, table clothes napkins, vinyl, etc.
Textured paints offer matchless beauty and can provide substitute for missing texture in plaster. The textured paint finish is available in many color trends such as metallic finishes gold, silver and copper. Glossy and shiny finish of textured paint can also be obtained. These paints can be done on walls and ceiling easily and quickly. Textured paints of different colors are becoming popular for home/interior decoration and may be used an alternative to wall papers. Textured paints provide excellent protection against changes in atmosphere; withstand fairly well extremes of heat, cold and rain. These paints contain special additives which provide good protection against Alkali and ultra violet rays. The paints are extremely resistant to Fungus and Algae, peeling, flaking and fading and stay bright. Textured paints are thick enough to cover minor defects, uneven surface damage and imperfection in walls and add a fresh look to the beauty of walls/surfaces.
Vertical blinds are one of the most affordable window treatments available for sprucing up large window, patio doors, bay windows and French doors. Choose from sturdy vinyl or elegant fabric vertical blinds. We have expertise to help you to choose the right vertical blinds for your office ,residence or other relevant spaces.
Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. Wood is a common choice as a flooring material due to its elasticity and flexibility. Whether you’re just looking for a new floor to go in your kitchen or living room, or a commercial venue, wood flooring can add a rich depth and visual appeal to any environment. We have a number of ranges that are all renowned for being the most beautiful – even stunning – styles around, including our Abbey, Panaget, Tuscan and Parador wood floors.
Since 2005, Alcove has also been designing contemporary furniture and home accessories. With a dedicated team of in-house interior designers who at the same time experienced in furniture designing caters to both end-customers and large scale custom furniture projects. Our furniture collection, designed and produced in Bangladesh, combines modern materials with local traditions to create timeless pieces that are meticulously designed, while offering great value. Our ethos is that the best results always come from considering functionality in the light of original design. Whether we’re creating spaces or products, the fusion of different ideas from different backgrounds is what makes our designs unique by nature and enjoyable by experience.
Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, so to cut the task of planning down to size why not come and speak to one of our expert kitchen designers? Creating stunning kitchen designs is what we do best because it’s all we do, so you can rest assured that our Alcove designer will work with you to come up with your perfect kitchen design, whatever your taste or budget.
Landscape is a form of art that is carried out on the existing greenery of a place that could transform the backyard into a place for leisurely repose. This is a means of crafting out the natural growth of vegetation into a beautiful and manicured look; something that gives a place of natural vegetation a cleaner and an organized look. It becomes easier to maintain an area of outdoor space while enjoying its presence in the house. There are countries of the world where natural bounty seems inexhaustible. You will often find picturesque meadows and large expanses of lush greenery sloping away in the horizon. Now the same beauty can be a part of your own household and in the same picturesque way. You can use professional help or even brush up your own interest for gardening skills with this endeavor. We have expertise who can help you and give advice regarding landscape.
Perag sock shop located Nurjahan super market, Dhaka is the first company of its kind in city delivering the world’s finest quality socks. The interiors were designed with efficiency of space in mind as well as emphasizing the clean, fresh look of a sock shop. As you enter the store a U-shaped shelving unit is designed to display the verities of socks The floor is covered with Chinese glazed tiles and stainless steel back slashes are used behind the counters on wall to create display units there.. Wood panel detailing on false ceiling is used to create warmth in the space as well as to exude a contemporary and stylish feel.